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Better Times


An activity of Prairie Rose Permaculture and the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House. — The world will be saved by Beauty.

Printable flyers for use during disasters

demonstrated by Bob Waldrop

The real argument against aristocracy is that it always means the rule of the ignorant. For the most dangerous of all forms of ignorance is ignorance of work. . . Our society is so abnormal that the normal man never dreams of having the normal occupation of looking after his own property. When he chooses a trade, he chooses one of the ten thousand trades that involve looking after other people’s property.”

Be Safe! Know your food!

Know your farmers!

Permaculture is the design art and science for creating sustainable human habitations and systems that care for people, care for Creation, and have a care for the future.
Prairie Rose Permaculture Services —

Presentations, offered free of charge, to classes, professional organizations, work groups, service clubs, and other meetings that give an overview of permaculture design and how it can benefit families (Oklahoma City area).Design work, offered free of charge to non-profit groups interested in projects like forest gardens, herb and vegetable gardens, etc. Bulgar Bugle Archive
PDF archive of the recipes and other info I had at my former site,
Page 1  — Lamb kabobs, Bulgaroni, Yesterday’s soup makes today’s fritters,
Bulgar – potato – carrot – cabbage – cheese soup, Bulgar and brisket II, Turnip cakes, Bulgar and black-eyed peas,
Stove top bulgar pudding, Cold winter day soup
Page 2 — Bulgar custard pudding, Turnip greens convenience tip, Chicken fried turkey, Whole wheat rolls,  Sean’s Should Be Famous Onion Ring Method,  Green Bean Casserole, Pumpkin Pie made with a REAL pumpkin,
Dressing with bulgar, Tricia’s creme of bulgar lunch, Bulgar in chili,
Page 3 — Peanut butter and creme of bulgar, Creme of bulgar breakfast, Bulgar and squash casserole, Stalking the fall winter squash and other autumnal adventures, Squash casserole, Sandra Storey’s pumpkin recipes
(pumpkin bars or cookies, pumpkin or squash bread, toasted pumpkin seeds), holiday stuff squash,  preserving squash and pumpkin, Creme of greens soup, Bulgar and Brisket I, Bulgar loves rice and rice loves bulgar,
Pork steak delight, Variations on a bulgar salad theme, Jenks bulgar summer salad, Jacki’s berry banana bulgar breakfast,
Page 4 — Bulgar in whole wheat bread, Creme of bulgar and pancakes, Bulgar pilaf loves ketchup, Bulgar with carrots,  Bulgar with scrambled eggs and sausage, Bulgar with greens and cheese, the Evolving Creme of Bulgar casserole, Bulgar pancakes,  Whole Lotta Bulgar, Cooking with Seitan
Page 5 — Seitan (how to make it), Tabouli, Linda’s creme of bulgar casserole, Bulgar meatloaf,  Basic creme of bulgar, Bulgar breakfast porridge, Basic bulgar pilaf,
Page 6 — How to make bulgar, Basic preparation of Bulgar, Basic preparation of Creme of Bulgar.
Access the Occupy Movement — Information for persons interested in permaculture, social justice, local foods, and peace about the growing Occupy movement.
Pathways to Better Times 

Bobaganda — politics/practicalities of the sustainable kitchen All the Better Times Links

Sustainable Oklahoma links and local access
Oklahoma Food, website of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative
Artfrill, web shop selling expensive wall art. They run a sustainable business by constantly donating chunks of their profit to environmental charity organizations. 
Better Times Cookbook and Almanac of Useful Information 3rd edition 
Printable Flyers- to help you or your neighbors, these are Share-right 1999-2000-2001, and as long as you are giving them away free, they may be copied and reprinted for distribution.
The View from NW 21st St – archive of essays posted in previous editions of the former webzinesustainable

Energy Conservation News and Resources — access to alternative energy and conservation information,

A Cyberbook of Practical Wisdom, 18 pages, collected from internet conversations and newsgroups.

CasinoReviews, a gambling guide based in New Zealand reviewing online casino brands like Spin Casino.
Running on Empty 2 – 7000+ member discussion group, moderated by Robert Waldrop, discussing depletion of world oil resources and the possible consequences of “peSak oil” and a world of increasing energy scarcity.
Sustainable Living Bookstore-  purchase books on-line or take this booklist to your library or local bookstore. It’s a good list.
Works of Justice and Peace 
Big Business and State Socialism are very much alike, especially Big Business. G.K. Chesterton

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