We are the 99%!

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a decentralized, leaderless movement to bring public attention to bear on the serious problems we face in this country. 
Inspired by the events in Tunisia and Egypt, we aim to bring about an “American Autumn” to go with the “Arab Spring”.

While it is still early in the movement for the definition of actual goals and demands, the emotional issues that are bringing us together include —

  • We bailed them out.  They bought our government.
  • They sold our jobs.
  • They laid us off.
  • They stole our homes.
  • We’ve had enough!

One of the primary strategies is setting up encampments in central areas of major cities.  Many people, however, are unable to participate in such events.
The purpose of this page is to suggest ideas for action that do not involve camping out in a central business district.

Start an Affinity Group
An affinity group is a group of people who share a common interest or geography.  For example, the people of a particular neighborhood are an affinity group. 
People in a specific occupation (like nurses), or religion (like Baptist or Catholic), are in an affinity group.  We suggest you start one or more Occupy! groups
for your affinity groups.  Perhaps you could start with your own neighborhood, like Occupy Gatewood!  Or your religion, like Occupy Archdiocese of Oklahoma City! 
Or Occupy Oklahoma School Teachers!  Or Occupy Oklahoma Math Teachers!  Etc. The number of different affinity groups is nearly infinite.

Once you’ve decided on an affinity group, start publicizing it.  Make a Facebook page. Put out flyers in your neighborhood.  Schedule an activity. 
In Oklahoma, we are suggesting that Occupy affinity groups hold an activity the morning of November 5.  Occupy Gatewood! neighborhood is having a meeting
that morning at 10 AM at a central space in the neighborhood, and afterwards may do a “honk and wave” along a busy street adjacent to the neighborhood.

As they say, “Stay in touch!”  For affinity groups in Oklahoma, the website http://www.occupyoklahoma.org will soon be available to list the access information for your affinity group. 
The other main Oklahoma networks are the Occupy OKC, Occupy Norman, Occupy Tulsa, and Occupy Stillwater websites. Post a link or your other access info to them.

Move your Money.
We also suggest that people move their money out of the big banks and into credit unions.  Many groups are targeting November 5th as an action day to complete such transitions. 
Find more information at Move Your Money Project .

Support your Local Occupation.
If there is a local occupation going on in your downtown area, support them. Donate food and supplies. Keep in touch with them. Participate in marches as you are able.

Speak for yourself.
Each group speaks for itself and voluntarily affiliates/networks with others.

Use tools.
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use existing tools linked here and elsewhere and share your own.

PDF of “WE ARE THE 99%” 11 X 17 poster or yard sign. 
PDF of “WE ARE THE 99%” Oklahoma poster (with url for www.occupyoklahoma.org ) — 11 X 17 poster or yard sign.
PDF of Occupy Gatewood flyer, invite to meeting on Nov 5.
Print at a copy shop that prints 11 X 17 paper, copy, past to cardboard or or piece of plywood or something similar.  Stake in your yard or put up elsewhere. For an added touch, at most copy shops you can select “copy single color” and then you could copy it so the text is blue or red or whatever other color you want.