Weekly Menu Planning Guide.

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Plan to Succeed, or Plan to Fail.

To get control of your food budget, you must plan your weekly menus. If you buy all, or most, of your food once a month, plan an entire month’s meals.

Step One:

Make a list of the breakfast, lunch, and supper meals you are family with and that your family likes to eat. Talk it over with your family. Look over the recipes in this publication. What looks good?

Step Two:

Use your list to fill in the information for each day. For example, your list may include the following breakfasts: (1) biscuits and gravy, (2) pancakes, (3) omelets, (4) cereal, (5) breakfast casserole. Starting with the first day on the form, write in a breakfast for each day until your list is complete. That takes care of five days. Go back to the top of the list and write in two more breakfasts. Surprise! You planned a week’s worth of breakfast menus. Do the same for lunch and supper.

Step Three:

Write down the ingredients you will need and how much you will need. For example, suppose you are having biscuits and gravy six times during the month, and you are feeding three people. Add it up:

½ C flour times 3 people = 1-1/2 C flour times 6 breakfasts = 9 C flour

½ C milk times 3 people = 1-1/2 C milk times 6 breakfasts = 9 C milk

Sausage = 1/8 lb sausage times 6 breakfasts = 3/4 lb sausage.

Step Four:

Make your shopping list, research prices, save lots of money!

Weekly Menu Planning Guide.

Copy this form onto additional sheets of paper or make your own version.


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