Weights and Measures Conversion Factors , how to convert acres to hectares, BTUs to kilowatts, etc.

Wilderness Living , couldn’t quite decide which category this site should be in so it landed here. Lots of info and links about low tech wilderness living, including foraging, medicinal plants, etc.

Grasshopper management , without using pesticides, from the Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas supersite of practical information.

The Homestead School , We are nurturing a relationship with Bruce and Barbara of the Homestead School in far northeast Oklahoma County. This is their winter letter, announcing their workshop schedule for the year 2001. They live in on a sustainable five acre farm, which is not connected to the electrical, natural gas, sewer, or city water line. They have 350 watts of solar cell generating power, and 1,000 watts (peak) wind generating capacity. They have solar water and air heating, an organic garden, electric bicycles, a battery-powered lawn tractor, and cook on a woodburning stove. Bruce also bakes a very tasty mixed grain loaf of bread. Here is their January letter. They are not on-line, to contact them send them a letter at the address on their letter, or call their phone number. Homestead Workershops RMW

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension , one of the fundamental influences in my life via 4-H. Lots of access to resources, publications. See Pete’s Electronic Archive and Resource Library , for on-line publications.

The Dead Media Project , no it’s not an archive for fans of the Grateful Dead, rather, it is a compendium of information (and a project to collect more) about “dead media” — such as that mimeograph machine in the back closet, or the old thermo-fax copiers, or the written ideographs of the Mayans and the quipu knotted cords of the Incas. A fascinating page I stumbled on while searching for information on a “gelatin hectographic duplicator”.

Pioneer life in days gone by , a personal page with reports on what life was like in pioneer days.

Environmental Resource Guide , from Earth Share, a very big pile of information and access.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac , online access to traditional wisdom and weather forecasts, gardening tips and other almanac-ish stuff.

Gentle Spirit , online presence of a hardcopy magazine that is kind of like Mother Earth News used to be, with a spiritual component (Christian). Has quite a bit of on-line material, including how-to stuff

TopoZone.com , on line source for viewing (free) or downloading( ($) topo maps anywhere in the US. Fun site to check out your neighborhood.

Outlook Maps , from the Climate Prediction Center of the US government, charts regarding weather outlooks for up to 13 months in the future, for the US.