Simple Living

Flight from the City , an experiment in creative living on the land, complete online text of the 1933 book by a man who left the city for a small homestead in the 1920s. “His books served as guideposts for many anguished wage-slaves who saw his book as a guiding light toward financial security, even survival, during the Great Depression. More, Ralph Borsodi was an amazingly intelligent social critic whose view cut through to the very heart of the contradictions and problems of industrial civilization.”

Simple Living , from Inner Explorations, a Catholic contemplative spirituality site profiled above in Spirituality.

Seeds of Simplicity , organizing and educating for voluntary simplicity, tools for children, adults, and community.

Domestic Church , click on the Stewardship link for information about the prudent and frugal lifestyle.

Alternatives for Simple Living , equips people of faith to live justly, challenge consumerism, and celebrate responsibly.

Simple Living , the Journal of Voluntary Simplicity,

Alternatives for Simple Living , sponsors a “Whose birthday is it anyway” campaign at Christmas, provides bulk brochures at cheap prices, customized for various religious groups, regarding this theme; will mail you a nice and informative Resource Guide via the post office.

Voluntary Simplicity , a page from Duane Elgin, author, Toward a way of life that is outwardly simple, inwardly rich , excerpts from the book..

Living Gently Quarterly , a magazine promoting voluntary simple and frugal lifestyles.

Simple Living Network Tools and living examples, more than 3000 pages of information.

Simple Living big page with piles of links on simplicity, frugal living, environmental issues.

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center , in Occidental, California, an intentional community offering courses in (among other things) sustainable living.

Alternatives for Simple Living , non-profit organization that equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly, and celebrate responsibly.

Affluenza , test your consumption quotient and find out if you have affluenza. Tips for simplifying your life , ten ideas. This is a delightful site from PBS based on their show of the same name.

Houston Simplicity Circles , brief explanation of the Simplicity Circle concept, offers networking and access for local Houston area efforts: ” What is a simplicity circle? Simplicity circles are support and study groups where we help each other live deliberately. We discuss what is most important to us and what steps we must take to fit it into our lives. It’s called a circle because there’s no boss.” Plus simplicity movement links.

Countrylovers , connecting people with Britain’s countryside. All things country in the UK. Great stuff here.

30 ways to get sustainable at home , simple, accessible, easy to understand.

The Good Life Center , “advancing Helen and Scott Nearing’s commitment to social justice and simple living, and preserving their last hand-built home.” Helen and Scott lived for 60 years “on the land” in New England, building their own dwellings, growing their own food, seeking justice and simple living. Their writings and example have been very influential in my own life. Their garden still grows at their last homestead, Forest Farm, on Penobscott Bay in Maine. Scott died at age 100 in 1983, and Helen at age 91 in 1995. Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them..

50 reasons to reduce or eliminate mowing , posted in the non-mowing coalition Yahoo discussion group.