Preserving and Processing

Syrup Makers , access to major information on making syrup from sorghum and from sugar cane.

Canning and preserving the harvest , on-line forum with extensive archives and links.

The Complete Guide to Home Canning , from Mississippi Extension. Selection, use and care of canning equipment.

Beer and Brewing , from the Virtual World Wide Web Library, high quality access to home brewing. Thank God for yeast, without them we wouldn’t have beer or cheese or bread, and how can we have civilization without beer, cheese and bread?

Anthony’s Root Beer Barrel , make your own, information and links.

Beer at Home , recipes, instructions, equipment, and supplies for making beer and soft drinks at home.

Ketel’s Root Beer Worship Center , recipes and instructions on brewing your own root beer.

Beer and Home Brewing , from, with its usual thoroughness, offers comprehensive access.

Food Safety and Preservation , from two food and nutrition scientists. Much information about home preservation and food safety.

Jar Cakes , an old tradition. Better than junk food, you betcha.

Making your own cheese , from the publishers of Countryside Magazine (established 1917).

Home Canning Magazine is a great resource, good information, links, and an extensive discussion forum.

Save the pumpkins! Great and tasty ideas for eating and preserving pumpkins.

Home canning tips (, lots of good information on home preservation.

Freezers & Freezing Food , from Pat Veretto at Frugal Living . Buying and operating a freezer efficiently, and food freezing tips.

Making cheese from powdered milk , from Natural Meals in Minutes, on the Gentle Spirit site.

Stretching your food dollar with grains and beans , from Natural Meals in Minutes, make your own honey maple nut cereal.

Small scale oil seed processing , from Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas, a complete on-line manual. On-line publications , from ATTRA, much good accurate info can be found here.

Home Canning guide ,. Comprehensive explanations for home preservation, from Florida Cooperative Extension.

The Complete Guide to Home Canning , from Mississippi Cooperative Extension.

Home Food Preserving , Suite 101 portal site, lots of links and articles. , from the makers of Ball canning jars. How to’s, plus recipes.