Forest Gardening

Forest Edge Garden Project , describes our Oklahoma City “forest edge garden” activities, we presently have 105 different varieties of edible or useful plants on our property. Garden Diary , weekly entries chronicling our garden activities.

How to landscape with edible plants. Nice article describing the basic elements and suggesting some practical and beautiful possibilities.

Djanbung Gardens , five acre permaculture demonstration site in Australia.

Permaculture techniques for food cultivation , basic list of permaculture concepts and elements, illustrated with photographs.

Constructing the Food Forest Orchard , basic methods and considerations, some examples of plant associations.

Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute , workshops and info in Colorado, has an online “tour” with text and pictures of their forest garden, located at 7,000 feet above sea level, and are among the most mature such plantings in North America. A person can spend a lot of time here and learn lots of info about developing a forest garden, just by looking at the pictures. High quality text too.

Forest Gardening , a basic page of info, discusses the seven layers of a forest garden — (1) canopy trees, (2) smaller trees and large shrubs, (3) smaller shrubs, (4) herbaceous perennials, (5) ground covers, (6) vines and climbers, (7) tubers.

Another basic one page intro to forest gardening.

Edible Landscaping , forest gardening as an anarchist plot, database listing details of numerous edible perennial crops. One of the best sources in terms of easy to use, practical growing and using tips.

Plants for a Future , details on 7,000 useful plants, UK site.

Permaculture: a beginner’s guide , a short introduction to the forest gardening and permaculture..

Permaculture Design Bites , short articles about the basics of permaculture design.

Fruit Trees , good site on selecting and planting.

Wild Garlic

Leaves to Live By: Perennial Leaf Vegetables , good choices for lazy gardeners.

Edible landscaping and gardening , lots of info, coupled with revolutionary thoughts as to how growing one’s own food can be a liberating experience from corporate domination. Good plant lists and details.

Edible Landscaping , from, nice index of pages with descriptions of edible perennial plants.

International Center for Research and Training in Sea Buckthorn , portal to the world of sea buckthorn cultivation. Not many details on this site, but lots of links, not all of which work. Located in China.