Food Security

The Food Trust , Philadelphia non profit improving the supply of affordable and nutritious food in the mid Atlantic region. They operate farmers’ markets every week from June through November throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Food demonstrations, nutrition education, and health screenings are available at their markets.

Oklahoma Food , the newest Better Times site, supporting the growing of a local food system in Oklahoma.

Factory Farm Project , comprehensive access to the issues involved with factory farms and CAFO (confined animal feeding operations).

Sustainable Farming Connection , very comprehensive site, lots of info and links

Food First , from the Institute for Food and Development Policy, tracking food security issues around the world. Ten reasons why biotechnology will not ensure food security , protect the environment, or reduce poverty in the developing world. On the benefits of small farms. See also 12 myths about hunger. Bottom line: there’s enough food produced under current conditions to provide everybody with 4.3 pounds of food a day — 2.5 pounds of grains/beans/nuts, a pound of fruits and vegetables, and a pound of milk, meat, and eggs, enough food to make most of us fat.

World Food Program , of the United Nations Organization, on line access to a lot of hunger data — one in seven people in this world are malnourished and at risk of starvation.

America’s Second Harvest , the nation’s premier food security organization.

Sustainable Agriculture , at the Center for Environment and Society, University of Essex, UK. Has reports of a new study by the Center that reports evidence of crop yield increases after introduction of sustainable farming practices, studied projects worldwide.