Mother’s Home , a site with interesting info, craft ideas, instructions,etc., for mothers with kids at home. See Home Made Supplies , with recipes for play dough, goop, clay, paste, finger paints, etc.

Family Crafts , with the usual thoroughness, info and links on stuff families can make together. Bead projects, painting, decopage, dioramas, you name it, it’s here.

Speaking of Education , transcript of a speech at a National Catholic Rural Conference meeting, 1946.

7 keys to a Christian Home , early publication of the National Catholic Rural Conference.

16 rules about choosing which debt to pay first , many families are heavily indebted, and sometimes financial circumstances limit people’s ability to pay such debts. These rules help to prioritize debt so that the most important bills are paid first.

La Leche League , world’s foremost authorities on breast-feeding.

The NFP Files , get the facts, learn the biological truths about your own body, understand why tens of millions of families are using this practical and effective and non-invasive method of family planning.

What is Natural Family Planning? No pills, chemicals, or abortafacients. Calls for deep communication between married partners.

Homesteading on a 21st century ark , a Christian family shares their beliefs on homesteading and simple living, plus some thoughts on the practicalities thereof.

Parenting Humor , family stress test, what planet are you from, name that famous mom quiz, great family humor.

The benefits of gardening with kids , teach the kids about life, science, and share quality time.

Frugal Baby Care , by Pat Veretto, guide to Frugal Living . Discussion, suggestions, and links.

50+ great websites for parents and kids , from the American Library Association.

Couple to Couple League , information about natural family planning.

Kinder-art , over 650 different free art and craft lessons, for grades K-12, plus early childhood. Need to know how to make paper mache, flour paste? Here are the instructions. Plus many more.

Let’s Try Paper Mache! , articles and links about paper mache craft and art.

The Diaper Pin , everything you need to know about using cloth diapers.

Consumer Addiction , from one of the most loving and sensible women on the internet, Pat Vereto, guide to Frugal Living.

Going Green , tips to help you manage a “Greener” house and lifestyle.