Family Farm Agriculture

Winter Wheat in Northern Europe According to the Fukuoka-Bonfils Method , which is to say no till, all organic. Instead of planting 350 wheat plants per square meter, which is a common commercial agriculture spacing, this method sows 3 or 4 plants per square meter. Conventional wheat will have 1 to 3 ears of kernels per plant, this spacing produces 100 to 150, and they have 2 to 3 times the commercial kernels per ear. This is sown into a carpet of perennial clover.

Small Farmers’ Journal , serving small family farmers and craftmanship in agriculture, has online articles, faqs. Directions for the farm culture of fruits and vegetables , market gardening ideas from a 1902 publication, “How the Farm Pays.”

Capitalist pigs: the wealth of nations and the wealth of farmers , by John Medaille, examines the manipulation of pork prices by “hog factories” that drive real farmers out of business without any benefit to the public and with much subsidy from the public purse.

Free Range Poultry , online basics plus discussion group.

Back 40 Books nice selection of books in an online store about small farm issues and resources.

Southern Region , Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, includes Oklahoma info plus general info about sustainable agriculture.

Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture , Poteau, working farm, research, demonstration projects, on-line information.

On-line library and links.

Overstreet Kerr Historical Farm , showing casing late 19th and early 20th century farm life and technology. Preserves heirloom livestock and plants. Near Keota.

Composting reduces fuel and labor costs on family farms , from Bio-cycle magazine, case studies of how composting has benefited family farms.

S&S Aqua Farm , a working farm in the Missouri, Ozarks, using a low-cost organic growing system combining hydroponics with aquaculture; they call it bioponics.

Small Tractor FAQ , what you need to know to select, buy, and operate a small tractor.

Small farms — from the spectacular Journey to Forever site, great information, access, resources.

University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension , an honorable example of the usual thoroughness and practicality a person expects when they visit the internet presence of a state extension service.

The Land Institute , a research institute and farm in Salina, Kansas, seeking to create a “food producing prairie” featuring mixtures of perennial grasses and other plants.

On a Green Mountain , With Masanobu Fukuoka, Sensei of Natural Farming, worldwide, the loss of topsoil is a looming crisis. To a large extent, the world thus far has been able to substitute fossil fuel fertilizers for the loss in fertility due to topsoil depletion. But fossil fuels are themselves finite, so it behooves humanity to seek a new path of agriculture. Masanobu is a “no-till” agriculturist, working with the land, never plowing and thus preserving topsoil and natural fertility. He says: “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” Article archived at the Seedballs site, which promotes an innovative way of natural farming pioneered by Masanobu: making seedballs to encourage germination of food producing plants.

Sustainable Agriculture Faqs , the faqs page actually seems to be missing, but there is a nice essay on sustainable agriculture in Canada.

Sustainable Farming Association of Central Minnesota , ensuring a future for family farms with ecologically and environmentally sound “best practices”.

Permanent Raised Bed Gardening , online publication, for market and home gardeners. Lots of details, pictures, step by step instructions.