Global Environment Outlook 3 , from the United Nations Environment Program. Sure to be controversial, this “Geo 3” report gives the latest snapshot of how the big picture looks for planet Earth, and the news is not good. You can buy the book here, or read a lot of it online via adobe acrobat files.

International Society for Ecological Economics , website of academic society, has info about research, publications, and conferences in the field.

Flying , page where you can calculate the environmental cost of your airplane trip.

Jetstream Analyses and Forecasts , world maps of high altitude winds. Find out where the fallout will go from a nuclear war anywhere on earth. Hint: fallout from explosions in India and Pakistan will go over China, Japan, and the US.

Choose Climate , interactive site where you can see the consequences of environmental choices.

The Great Climate Flip Flop , from Atlantic Monthly. Global warming? Global cooling? The evidence is mounting that the earth’s climate is characterized by abrupt changes. Personally, I think the situation is much more complicated than either the global warmers or the anti global warmers would like for us to believe.

Scorecard , enter your zip code, find out what pollutants are being released in your neighborhood and who is doing the polluting.

The Battle of Seattle page at the Co-intelligence Institute’s site. Probably the best collection of links and articles on the subject I’ve seen, plenty of information, but not so much that it isn’t digestible. A must read is Hawken’s take on the event.

Bio-democracy & the Organic Consumers Association , a clearinghouse for information and grassroots technical assistance in support of sustainable organic agriculture and the dangers of corporate control of agriculture.

Climate change and impact on US water supplies , extensive bibliography of peer reviewed literature.

US Global Climate Change Information Office , government site offering a lot of access to climate issues. In particular, see Consequences , their on-line publication on the effects of climate change on human populations.

Rachel’s Environment and Health Weekly , subscribe or review the archives of a weekly email on environmental issues.

Unwelcome Neighbors: Civil Rights and the Environment , a series from the Times-Picayune (Louisiana) News. The plain truth is: poor neighborhoods tend to have polluting industrial neighbors, negatively impacting all who live there.

The Fraying Web of Life , on-line summary (in html and pdf formats) of a report to be released in September 2000 by the UN Development Program, the World Bank (!!!!), and the World Resources Institute. In the last century: + half of the worlds wetlands were lost, + forest habitat is being lost at the rate of 130 square kilometers per year, + soil degradation has affected 2/3rds of the world’s agricultural lands (in the last 50 years!).

World Resources 2000-2001

Earth Share , mega access site sponsored by a coalition of the US leading environmental and conservation organizations. Lots of practical info, networking, and news is here.

A paler shade of green , essay critiquing corporation-style “sustainability” pr tactics.

Ecologia , Ecologists Linked for Organizing Grassroots Initiatives and Action, offices in the US and many of the former Soviet Empire countries, founded to assist environmentalists in the old Soviet Empire countries with information and technology transfer.

Ecology at About.com , with the usual thoroughness you expect from an About.com guide, a good place to get started with environmentalism on the web.

International Center for Bio-saline Agriculture , The mandate of the Center is to develop sustainable management systems to irrigate food and forage crops and greening plants with saline water and to provide a resource of salt-tolerant plants for socio-economic development in the arid and semi-arid areas and salt affected areas of the Islamic world and elsewhere, located in Dubai..

Center for Ecological Pollution Prevention , composting toilets, graywater and waste management systems.

The Busy Person’s Guide to Greener Living , eco-tips, action alerts, shopping, original content plus links and resources. Well-organized.

Inform , “strategies for a better environment,” practical ways of living and doing business that are environmentally sustainable.

Environment and Sustainable Living , interesting collection of links relating to the various practicalities of a sustainable living household. Some original content about the basics of sustainable living.

Graduate Program in Earth Literacy , offered by the College of St. Mary in the Woods in Indiana. Affiliated with the Sisters of Providence and their White Violet Eco-justice Center linked in the Spirituality section this issue.

Marianist Environmental Education , from the Catholic religious order of the same name, caring for 100 acres in an ecologically sound manner, offers educational programs and service learning projects.

Christians Respecting Earth and the Environment. A project of the justice and peace commission of the Brisbane (Australia) Catholic Diocese.

Earth on Edge , website for the PBS Bill Moyers’ report of the same name, examining the six major ecosystems that we depend upon: agriculture, forest, grasslands, coastal areas, freshwater, urban.

Ecology and Society , a peer reviewed on-line electronic journal.

Pesticide Action Network , includes a database, action updates, problems, worldwide focus.

Environmental Quotations , academic site with big piles of quotes arranged by subject.

Bat Conservation International , all kinds of bat stuff, including a batcam. (No Robin however.)