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Grape Breeders , Archives

Cherokee Small Farming , sharing small farm information with Cherokees and others.


Market Farming , small to large scale, organic, sustainable, transitional & conventional. 2002 Archives , Old Archives

Free Range Poultry , discussion group for small farmers.

Wild Edibles , Yahoo group. Discussions concerning wild edible plants, animals, mushrooms; including identification, recipes, folklore, etc.

New Okie Pioneers , homesteading, back to the land, in north Texas and Oklahoma.

Living off the grid , alternative energy, alternative shelter, aquaculture, closed loop systems.

Homesteading , nice friendly informative hangout for back to the landers.

Third World Energy , off grid, low tech situations.

Grassroots Information Coordinating Center , one stop shopping for breaking news on infrastructure issues worldwide. I read here regularly. Not actually a mailing list, rather a bulletin board, but you can enable the system to send you each posting in email.

misc.consumers.frugal-living , Usenet board.

Soil, mulch, compost forum , on-line billboard of discussion.