Cooking and Eating

Frozen Assets , cook for a day, eat for a month, homesite of the busy Frozen Assets (2000+ members) discussion group devoted to planning menus, having one or more “cook days” during a month when a lot of food is cooked and then frozen for quick eating later.

Food Network , 20,000 recipes, tips, cooking 101. Lots of info here.

All About Pressure Cookers , here’s the basic info. From the Fabulous Foods Online Cooking School

Wild Food , great site on foraging.

Home Grown Food , a local food guide centered on Boone, North Carolina.

Foraging , big list of links regarding eating and finding wild foods, recipes, harvesting, making wild wines, etc.

Edible Plants , “dining on the wild.” Has a survival tip and plant of the month.

Dandelion Recipes , from my good online friend, Pat Veretto, the guide to Frugal Living. It’s got recipes for dandelions, plus additional links to other dandelion info.

Dandelion Wine 2 recipes for dandelion wine.

Soup , it may not actually have all the world’s recipes for soups, but this site is working on it. Searchable, soup of the day, resources and more.

Culinary Herb FAQ , everything you ever wanted to know about every culinary herb — growing, harvesting, preserving, using.

In Season , all about using and cooking locally grown, seasonal produce.

International Dutch Oven Society , history, recipes, cookbooks.

Solar cooking and water pasteurization email listserv , has archives of messages.

Canned Food Recipes , from the industry “Canned Food Alliance”, a selection of nutritional recipes using canned foods (this site will be useful to low income people and those running emergency food pantries.) Recipes are searchable, and an email newsletter is available. access to information about and recipes using soybeans.

Veggie Heaven , practical recipes and cooking tips for meatless dining.

Veggies Unite , more online information about meatless dining.

Saroj’s Cookbook , opening up the diverse worlds of Indian cooking. Check out the “Bachelors’ Dishes”.

Southern Food at the Mining Company, although now I think it’s calling itself About. Great links and resources for home cooking. More than 1000 crock pot recipes. (Crock pot recipes typically work well in solar cookers.

US Soyfoods Directory , lots of info and recipes about using the humble soybean.

Solar Ovens are Wonderful , a nice page from a woman who has been cooking dinner with a solar oven for six years.

Crockpot Cooking , a great way to save money on meals.

Crock Pot Recipes Index , huge collection of great recipes. Remember, most crockpot recipes can be adapted easily for solar cooking.

Christmas Recipes from one of those most useful places you find on the internet, the Southern US Cuisine pages at the Mining Company.

The Dinner Co-op Page . What’s a dinner co-op? People who get together and cook and eat together. This page has recipes (including a downloadable cookbook), and over 3000 links. Cooking is rotated on a 3 week schedule, and costs are shared. This program was designed originally by grad students, but can be adapted for many different situations.

Sun ovens are wonderful! , the basics of solar cooking with pictures and links. With recipes.

Thrifty Meals , from the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, click on the link to download in adobe acrobat format.

Dutch oven dinners , from Gentle Spirit magazine, can also be made in a crockpot.

Frozen Assets: cook for a day, eat for a month , links, recipes, cooking plans, comprehensive access to the OAMC world.

Scheffler’s Community Solar Cooker , a description with diagrams of a large solar cooker suitable for use by an entire village. Pictures of the construction of such a cooker at the Baha’i Vocational Institute for Rural Women in India.

Southern Food , by Diana Rattray at If you like good slow food, this is one of the best places to look for recipes. Crockpot meals, casseroles, budget dinners, even if you don’t know how to spell “y’all” (much lest pronounce it properly in its various variations), this page will be a useful treasure. Y’all all go see it now, you hear? ” Offers a great weekly email newsletter.

Cookbook and Recipe Links , page with links to a lot of on-line cookbooks

Better Baking , comprehensive site on baking.

Robin Hood Flour , from a Canadian milling company, tips and recipes, discussion forum, about baking.

Food Storage Cooking School , from Utah State University Extension, cooking with bulk foods and typical food storage items.

Tamara’s Solar Cooking Pages , interesting intro to solar cooking, including some detailed plans with drawings for a solar box cooker.

The Solar Cooking Funnel , a solar cooker shaped like a funnel, with a large mason jar as the cooking container. More details on the solar funnel, some improvements, and a discussion of a “Save Heat” cooker (non-electric crockpot). From Brigham Young University.