Master Composter , lots and lots of information, plus access to local “Master Composter” programs. Reproducible handouts on composting and worm composting.

Compost Resource Page , all kinds of info about composting, including Compost Poetry!

The Humanure Handbook , complete online text of the definitive handbook on composting human manure.

Compost Science , a quarterly peer reviewed journal focusing on management techniques to improve large scale compost systems, with an emphasis on using composted materials.

Making and using compost , from the University of Missouri Extension Department.

Garden Compost , from the extension department of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Wood and Wire Three Bin Turning Compost Bin , from the Extension Department of the University of Arkansas, plans for making compost on the fast track.

Composting Resources , from Texas A&M Extension, including resources for larger scale composting in commercial operations.

Worm Digest , everything you ever needed to know about vermicomposting (composting with worms).

Compost Resource Page , includes an on-line forum, and many articles. (Add some links from this page to the special focus section.)

Home Composting Forum , general info, troubleshooting, education, and archives.

Composting , from the spectacular Journey to Forever site. Excellent practical information. Vermicomposting .

As the Worm Turns , or how I learned to start vermicomposting and love the worm. Nice article about beginning adventures in worm composting.

Compost , another nice little page about composting.