Commercial Sites

Eco Mall , a place to help save the earth while you spend your money. Online directory of green businesses and products.

Mary Appelhof’s site for Worm Composting Resources , sells books and manuals on vermicomposting, including clever buttons and bumper stickers, “Worms Eat My Garbage,” has materials for school projects using worms to compost lunchroom leftovers.

Mother Earth News , online presence of the commercial magazine. MEN is not the publication of old, its much more slick these days. Still, it has interesting and useful info.

Countryside and Small Stock Journal , “promoting self reliance and simple life style through home food production, gardening” and etc. 83 years young, lots of good info here.

Organic Gardening Magazine , another venerable journal that isn’t what it used to be. Very slick looking these days (too slick for my taste), and they are OK with using plastic for mulch. But we still subscribe to it. Old habits die hard, and there is some good info in it.

Home Food Preserver’s Magazine , this looks interesting, we’re thinking about subscribing, unfortunately, the site has no content other than lists of recipes keyed to back issues of the magazine. The recipe list is impressive, however.

Robert Waldrop