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Tips on How to Live A Sustainable Lifestyle

On a global scale, governments and large-scale industries are scrambling to take drastic measures to stop the climate change crisis. While this is happening, taking action as an individual is also necessary. Becoming part of the community and participating in activities that help save the environment is even better.

As an individual, taking on a sustainable lifestyle can help contribute to stopping climate change.

What is a sustainable lifestyle?

A sustainable lifestyle is a way of living that minimizes your carbon footprint, undertaking steps and changes to reduce the destruction of the environment.
It is to live with intention and a clear understanding of how you carry on with your daily activities and its impact on the environment. With sustainable living, there is the express intent to consume mindfully so that future generations and their needs are met.

The goal of a sustainable lifestyle

The goal of a sustainable lifestyle is to restore environmental balance to the planet. With the growing emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere, the blatant abuse of resources, and various forms of pollution, the planet is dying.

This goal can be achieved through sustainability. Aside from environmental preservation and protection, economic feasibility and social equity also come into play. These three make up the sustainability pillars.

These three pillars are interconnected, one cannot be completed without the other two. Governments and industries implement systems and processes that reduce environmental impact.

At the same time, governments also have programs that provide incentives to encourage individuals and businesses to become more sustainable. While social equity has to do with social structures that help people experience comfortable living standards today and tomorrow.

You are much a part of this solution. A sustainable lifestyle is the key. But what is a sustainable lifestyle?

There are several facets of sustainable living. But it all starts within you and your home.

Sustainable living means keeping a home that is energy efficient and eco-friendly. Today, there are numerous sustainable home design types that are affordable and suit a variety of requirements.


Prefabricated homes, tiny homes, cargo structures, and unique home designs are some examples. An example of a unique home design is that of Unika Stenhus. A brainchild of Swedish architect Ola Torrång, the house is well ahead of its time when it was first designed in the 1970s.

Truly a model in sustainable housing, Unika Stenhus is made of concrete materials with a well-insulated system and advanced environment-friendly features. Its design is based on Japanese architecture’s simplicity, flexibility, and interaction with nature.

Ways to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

Aside from a sustainable home design, you should also live the lifestyle. Changes that are aimed toward reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.
Contrary to what most believe that going sustainable is difficult and expensive, it’s definitely not. In the long run, it is even more cost-effective.

Here are a few tips to be more sustainable in your home:

  • Free your home of single-use plastic
  • Be mindful of your energy use at home
  • Use water wisely
  • Use energy-saving home appliances and lighting
  • Eat mindfully – this means to eat at home as much as you can; eat more vegetables, eat less so you’ll also have less food waste
  • Support local – from produce and products to your daily needs
  • Use eco-friendly transportation options – a car is convenient, but if you can go to a place using public transportation go for it. If you’re heading to the nearby local shop, go by foot.
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle – from shopping bags to drinking bottles, there are so much stuff you can reuse. Start a compost bin to recycle food waste and use it as fertilizer.

When you commit to a sustainable lifestyle, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and security. You are helping the environment at the same time living a more cost-effective and healthier lifestyle. You are committing to a better and more meaningful way of living!

Better Times

Better Times in Winter – 3 tips

To everything, there is a season and each season has its own wonders. For many, winter can be long, cold, and cheerless.   There’s no escaping winter unless you have pots of money and can jet off to spend your winter in a sunny country. If not, there are lots of things you can do to make the most of the season and actually enjoy it.

Food for the stomach and for the soul

Winter isn’t the time to go on a diet and make yourself miserable, Winter is the time for hearty, healthy, nutritious foods that can feed the stomach and the soul. It’s the time to be eating whole foods as opposed to processed foods, organic whenever you can, and also superfoods that haven’t been genetically modified.   Winter is the time to give attention to those foods that will nourish and sustain the body, mind, and soul. It is a time to enjoy better times with foods that provide us with tranquility and harmony within our souls.

Permaculture – creating eco-friendly farming

  It’s why permaculture is on top of people’s minds. It’s a kind of farming of healthy foods where every effort is made to use the land responsibly. The idea is for future generations to use the land to grow their own organic food.   You want to even grow your own grains. Bulgar is a cereal grain made from dried, cracked wheat and where the entire wheat kernel can be eaten. It is super nutritious and has several health benefits with its vitamins, minerals, and fiber.   Winter is the perfect time to make a loaf of bread with the nutty chewiness from the bulgar wheat to enjoy with Winter comfort foods. Mediterranean in origin, bulgur remains a staple with- or in hearty Winter stews, in breakfast porridges and stews. Of course, if you can’t grow it, it is available in most grocery stores and is relatively inexpensive.

Get Outside

Many people are reluctant to get outside in winter but it’s important, for your very health! Did you know that there is a link between exercise and mood?  Physical activity is very important for mental health. Of course, nobody should go out in a blizzard, more so if they are ill, but simply getting outside the house is therapeutic.   That fresh, brisk air is simply invigorating, and take note of how alive you feel by just being outside in nature.  Get outside for a walk or to build a snowman and enjoy the sun if there is any.   You may well start off bundled up but you’ll soon warm up and you can remove some of your top layers.   Whatever the weather, there are excellent reasons to get outside and have some fun. There’s always something to look forward to when you get back like cozying up beside the fire and having hot chocolate. Turn it into an adult drink and try hot cocoa spiked with a coffee liqueur such as Kahlua.

You feel so good ‘cos you look so good

As the weather cools down, we often find ourselves turning to fawn shades to dress in. But what about our skin? Does the white, pasty, sometimes pimply winter skin look attractive against these neutral shades? Not a chance and the lack of sunlight and your bland skin make you feel depressed too.   There are these special types of lamps that produce something similar to sunlight. Not only do they bring a lovely warm, glowing color to your skin, but they also raise your spirits too. They make you look and feel good.   You just feel a whole lot happier too. There’s no making use of bronzing agents on your face, resulting in orange, streaky looks. No, these facial tanning lamps give you a  natural-looking facial tan from their UV fluorescent tubes. sun bath in winter

Sunshine cheer on dull days

You just put the facial tanning lamp on any surface, plug it in and allow it to start its magic. With regular use, you can build up a youthful, glowing tan that is guaranteed to build confidence because you’re looking your healthiest and most gorgeous. They’re adjustable and easy to use and you simply angle it to the area you want tanned. For cold days you look bold and bright with your golden bloom throughout winter. The great thing is you use them quietly at home. The facial tanning lamps come from top brands too such as Philips, Efbe-Schott, Eurosolar and others (for more information visit this comparison site Just because temperatures are cooling down, it doesn’t mean your life and your looks should be dull too. Who knows, with the right attitude towards Winter, it may just become your favorite time of the year.