What happened to the tuna casserole recipe?

Previous editions of the Better Times Almanac had a whole page of tuna recipes, but this edition has no fish recipes at all. What's up with that? The simple answer is: our oceans are dying. We all thought the oceans would be an inexhaustible source of food, but that turns out to not be true. Populations of ocean fish that humans catch and eat are crashing across the world. We don't have room here to explain all of the evidence, www.fisherycrisis.com has links to much of the available data. Because ocean populations are in such bad shape, we believe it is not prudent to continue eating ocean fish. Thus, the venerable tuna casserole page is no longer a feature of the Better Times Almanac. Our suggestion is to eat only fresh-water fish, preferably those raised on farms or stocked in lakes for human consumption. When eating fish caught from streams and rivers, however, be sure you understand what pollution hazards may impact the safety of the fish. Local health departments will have information on the safety of fish caught in lakes and streams in your area for human consumption. The US Food and Drug Administration advises pregnant women to NOT eat large ocean fish like shark, swordfish, and mackerel, because of dangerous concentrations of mercury found in those fish. Nearly all ocean food fish have some amount of mercury in them due to industrial pollution, the larger the fish, the more the problem if consumed by human beings. Welcome to the brave new world of the 21st century!

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