What is a permaculture consultation?

A permaculture consultation gets you eight hours of my time.  I received a certificate in permaculture design from Elfin Permaculture in Florida in 2007, and have been involved as a discussion leader/teaching assistant with their online Permaculture Design Course for several years.  In 2014, the Permaculture Institute of the United States awarded me Permaculture Diplomas in Education, Community Service, Research, media, and Finance.

If you retain me for a permaculture consultation, I spend three to four hours or so of your eight hours with you, talking about your goals, needs, wants, desires, general situation.  If the consultation includes a property, we spend time looking at it, together, in great detail.

From this research, I spend about 4 hours developing a plan for your situation.  Permaculture design is lifestyle design.  We will focus on those areas where you are most interested.  For example, you might have a property, or are interested in how you can make your life in the city more sustainable even though you live in a high rise apartment building. This isn't a full scale permaculture design. It could be the outline of a permaculture design, or what is sometimes referred to as a "pre-design document."

What situations warrant a permaculture consultation?
  • You have a property that you want to get the best, most efficient use out of. This could be a home, a farm, a business or a rental property.
  • You want to "green" your life and learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • You have a business, or an organization, that you want to take in a more sustainable direction.
  • You're about to go to college.

How much does a consultation cost?

The price for a consultation, within 25 miles of Oklahoma City, is $275.  Outside of that 25 mile limit, there would be an additional charge for travel, depending on the distance.

To learn more about how a permaculture consultation can help you, go to www.ipermie.net and read Sections 00161 (Lifestyle Inventory), and 00201 (Design for your Life) in section 0.