How to Understand a Recipe

To understand a recipe, read it out loud, slowly, twice.

Think about what you read. What ingredients does it require? What cooking steps are involved? What pans and kitchen utensils will you need?

Read it again. How long does it take to cook? Is it a meal-all-by-itself, or do you need a couple of other recipes to make up a full meal?

Read it again, and this time, say "first", "second", "third", "fourth" and so on in front of each sentence or step in the recipe.

Get all the kitchen utensils and ingredients you need to prepare the food together in one spot, whatever you need to prepare this dish. Chefs call this "mies en place".

Measure the ingredients into separate little bowls.

Using the recipe as your guide, put the ingredients together as described in the recipe. Eat the tasty food you have prepared yourself.

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