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January 2001

The Homestead School

7605 N. Post Road

Spencer, OK 73064-4005

Dear friend of the Homestead School,

We hope that you have ha pleasant holiays and have safely navigated the icy streets and sidewalks. We've enjoyed the beauty of winter and haven't minded too much changing plans because of bad roads. It has been a great time for reading and catching up on correspondence. We've burned a little more firewood than usual, but otherwise all the "systems" have been working fine.

We've been a little concerned about our two beehives maing it through so much cold weather. The good news is that so far they seem fine. On these recent warm days they have been out flying around.

The winter solstice was a clear day with the temperature in the mid 30s. We thought it would be interesting to see what the solar oven would do. We set it out and before too long it was up to 375 degrees. We put in some potatoes and they baked in a little over an hour. This solar stuff really works!

We were pleased with the beginning of the Homestead School last year. We held a total of 9 half-day workshops that were attended by a total of 60 people. The numbers ar emodest, but area good start. In November there was a little article about us in the Gazette, and Susan Parks from Channel 5 also did a little story out here. On January 10th, Scott Thompson from Channel 6 in Tulsa called to tell us that they were going to re-run a story he did about our place a few years ago. They thought it would be a good story to run again since people had just received their gas bills. We will be showing slides about the Homestead School to the Oklahoma Organic Gardening Club on January 26th, and at the Environmental Eucation Expo in Tulsa on February 8th.

We're looking forward to spring and have a schedule of workshops planned. These will be the same basic solar and wind energy, energy efficiency and conservation workshops that we presented last year. Our other workshop ideas are not reality yet, but are not forgotten. Another project that we are working on is our garage/workshop building. It is being built using mostly recycled materials, and will be well insulated and solar heated. Bruce has promised to keep the workshop neat and tidy so it can also be used as classroom space.

Here are the dates for our spring workshops: February 24, March 17, March 31, April 7, April 21, and May 5. All the workshops will be in the afternoon from 12:30 to 5 PM. Link to workshop flyer.

Once again we would like to ask your help in publicizing these dates in ways that are convenient for you. You have our heartfelt appreciation. It is because of your help that the Homestead School is a reality. Folks can get more information by calling us at 405-771-3551.

We wish each of you good health, sprouting seeds, and warm breezes in the coming months.

Thank you!

Bruce and Barbara

The Homestead School


Better Times Home ... Justpeace Home