About Better Times, 5th Edition

Our purpose is to provide encouragement, tools, and information for people who wish to live more frugally, simply, and sustainable. Reading this publication should be like having a long visit with your grandmother (or maybe your great-grandmother.)

Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, who founded the Catholic Worker movement in 1933, believed that our work was, at least in part, to create new structures in the midst of the collapsing ruins of the old. Many people today are experiencing, or are at risk of, financial hardship and poverty.

This publication can assist people in getting out of financial hard times and avoiding them in the first place. The recipes are from many sources: my own household and family experience, and from cookbooks published by churches and community groups including Tillman County Fare, the 1955 Hollister Methodist Ladies Cookbook, the 1933 Ft. Augur and Pleasant Valley Cookbook), the Fancy Creek Zion Church Cookbook (Randolph, Kansas), the Soup and Casserole Cookbook of the United Methodist Women of Pender, Nebraska, the Centennial Cookbook of the Bancroft, Nebraska Jaycee-ettes.

Material has also been gathered from the internet, the rest of the otherwise unattributed material is by yours truly. I am grateful to all who made this publication possible by providing advice, encouragement, recipes, and money. Give all the glory to God (ad majorem Dei gloriam), & direct any comments to Bob Waldrop, Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House, 1524 NW 21st, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106. More information may be found at www.bettertimesinfo.org .

The 5th edition is out of print, but you may freely print these articles from the website..

There is no charge for the publication, although we do accept donations to help with our work. Besides this work in food security, we deliver food to people in need in the Oklahoma City area who don't have transportation to get to a regular food bank. Donation checks should be made payable to the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House.

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